Basics Of Lawn Maintenance

There was once a time when it was very fashionable to have stately homes and gardens, with a number of gardeners taking care of the garden grounds and lawns. But technological methods have improved drastically since then and one does not have to resort to just a scythe to maintain a well-kept lawn. Nowadays you have a number of gardening implements that can be used for making sure that your lawn is kept in the perfect green velvety form with never a weed daring to raise its impertinent head.

First of all, one has to remember that the basics of lawn maintenance start with the necessary implements. One has to invest in an excellent lawnmower, for example, you can buy a good Deere model. It depends upon how large your lawn is. A grass lawn positively enjoys being trimmed drastically, and mowing your lawn is going to be an extremely good therapeutic exercise for you when you have nothing else or constructive to do.

And if you happen to be behind a good lawnmower, lawn mowing becomes a positive pleasure. The end result of an excellently well-groomed lawn is going to be worth the hassle of lawn mowing. After that, you can always invest in an edger and a trimmer. These can either be manual or even gas and electric models. These can be used for trimming the grass in inaccessible places where no lawnmower has ever gone before.

Along with these tools, you need an implement to spread weed killer as well as fertilizer on your lawn. This is known as a spreader and is basically a tub, which is pushed all over the lawn, spreading the fertilizer or the weed killer evenly over the surface of the grass. The spreaders last a pretty long time, and if you want to add seeds to some areas of on your own, you can buy a spreader that has a rotating handle and can be held in the hand.

It is a necessary fact of gardening that autumn leaves fall and drift down your window every year. However, if they manage to spread a blanket all over the lawn, they are going to dehydrate the grass by not allowing it to get water. That is the reason why it is necessary for you to have a good rake. The collected leaves can be used as compost. The rake can also be used in the winter to remove the snow thatch from the surface of the grass and giving your lawn air to breathe.

It is also necessary to have a shovel with a blade, which is narrow, and the handle, which is long. Rounded blades are good for digging, and doing other gardening tasks. Getting these basic implements organized means you are now prepared to take on the task of caring for your lawn.

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